Pamela-Munger-About-Image-1What draws me to painting is the combination of creativity, solitude and limitless possibilities. I’m all about experimentation with paint, surfaces and subject matter but I like to keep it simple and innocent, avoiding detail and not giving away the whole story. I lean towards  the abstract because that’s where I can truly be creative and people can develop their own interpretation based on what they see, but I also do the occasional painterly landscape or still life. I’ve noticed that’s one of the trickiest things about painting….trying to focus on what to paint since I want to paint everything!

I’ve been fortunate to work with several popular interior designers over the years and enjoy taking on the occasional commission. If you are interested in prints of my work you can find some available online at Anthropologie and Artfully Walls, ( )

or in retail stores- HomeGoods and Target see here :

My career as an artist started when I was teaching English and was looking for something to do creatively. I was given some art supplies one Xmas, painted my first painting and that was it. I was hooked. What started as a keen hobby grew to be a part time income and now I work full time as an artist.

I’m from southern California, and currently reside in rural western Colorado where my husband and I have a farm where we grow hops for the Colorado microbreweries. The big open sky and land are a constant inspiration for my art.

Check it out! This painting I did in 2013, ‘Blue Cascade’, is featured on Mad Men Season 7.